Dr. Robert D. Footer is retiring

*Dr. Robert D. Footer is retiring and his office and practice shall close permanently effective December 31, 2022. The last day Dr. Footer shall see patients is December 28, 2022. A letter and voicemail message was sent to all current patients from Dr. Footer through Privia, explaining his retirement and advising patients how they may obtain an electronic copy of their patient chart from Privia. Four letters and voicemail messages were disseminated to all current patients since September, 2022 announcing his retirement. *

*Privia is the keeper of the patient charts and is handling the distribution and dissemination of the current patient charts for ease of transition. Current patients should contact Privia directly at medicalrecords@priviahealth.com, or by fax at 202-403-3099 in order to obtain a copy of the medical chart. *

*Current patient medical records shall remain in the Privia Health system and portal. Please note that after December 31, 2022 the office will be permanently closed and you will no longer have access to the staff. *

*Dr. Robert D. Footer wishes to express his gratitude to all of his patients for entrusting him with their medical care over the past 43 plus years. Dr. Footer will truly miss his patients and wishes all of them good health and godspeed. *

* Thank you very much. *